A Man Who Needs No Introduction

After Chasing Faith was posted, some time after, the first general feedback I saw on it was from a reader that didn’t much like it because there was no real introduction to the story’s events or the characters. It seems easy to wave it off as “Ah yes but starting it from the middle was the […]

The Numbers Game

With COVID19 in full swing and my job being more demanding than usual, my posts have gotten more sparse. My apologies – believe me, the person who wants these changes the least is myself. I’ve done this before in other stories, but my number one goal in Chasing Faith was to include no numbers to […]

[New Piece Posted!]”You Probably Hate This”

There’s a new piece published today! I listened to your feedback from my last post and posted another story I was working on. As always, feedback on my stories is appreciated. I really wanted to be done this story in June, but it turns out that taking on a job at a hospital then a […]

Writer’s Block VS Democracy

I think I’ve written two blogs posts before titled ‘writer’s block’ and ‘democracy’ respectively. Pure coincidence, I promise. So the graphic telling you what I’m working on this week is a tad misleading. Primarily I’m working on A Deal’s a Deal, but as I’ve mentioned too many times to count, I don’t really make up […]

As the World Burns

People are easily influenced, myself included. If we weren’t, jobs like educators, politicians, and even storytellers wouldn’t exist. We’re here to empathize, to listen, and to take in the world and make sense of it all. A good number of my own viewers, for some weird reason, care enough about my own personal opinion that […]