Writer’s Limp

I don’t think I suffer from ‘writer’s block’ as it’s traditionally known. A lot of people think of ‘writer’s block’ and think of a writer sitting at a blank screen, either not knowing what to write or how to word what they want to write. As far as I know, I suffer very little from […]

References & Inspirations

Edit: This blog post is the first one I wrote with WordPress’ new formatting style. If something is off in the formatting of this blog, odds are it’s because I messed something up with the new format, so bear with me. I have a weird habit of trying to make my stories mean more than […]

“Very Little Sex”

EDIT: This post was meant for last week but I only realized like a day before this is posted that I accidentally scheduled it for a week later. Sorry about that. I’m not great at getting to the sex quickly. One of the many reasons I’m niche is that in most cases it takes “too […]

The Wandering Mind

So, I feel kind of bad given the graphic literally right above this text displays that I’m working on a given story (notably one my patrons voted on) and yet the last two stories I released weren’t even labeled to patrons as options for stories I could write. It may not seem like a big […]