Another Perspective

This may be a shock to some of you, but I’m white, male, and worst of all, Canadian. There are a lot of things I grew up with that I just assume are standard across the board. I could have made it easy for myself and told stories that all take place in Canada, but […]

Bashful Scribe Made Mistakes

^ Are you ready to see this graphic for the next ten blog posts? Yeah, me neither. Voting for the next story is still ongoing, but, go figure, the votes for Mutual Benefits have a clear lead over the others, so in the spirit of the election, I’ve decided to prematurely declare it the winner […]

[New Chapter Posted!] The Spookiest Update

Boo! Happy Halloween. Nothing’s scarier than the unexpected, so what could be scarier than me actually finishing a chapter that I promised I’d finish? It’s finally here! Mutual Benefits, chapter one. As is the case with a lot of multi-chapter stories, especially from me, this one has a lot of buildup in it, so ye […]

From Dumb Title to Dumb Title

To any patrons that read these blogs, sorry for not posting on Patreon for a while – despite my blog post saying “I shall not be apologetic,” I can’t really escape my guilt-ridden nature and after a while, didn’t want to keep posting to Patreon empty-handed, and so, held off until I had something of […]