A Character by Any Other Name

It’s going to be interesting to see whether Only If You Want ever wins a poll before I finish GBM. I wonder which full story is going to see the light of day first, since OiYW is a standalone piece (but a long one at that, well over 10k words). There’s an interesting paradox to […]

Reliving – Part Two

Two weeks ago, I pointed out that I have to relive my old memories and revisit my own past self in order to accurately understand the feelings of a high schooler, even though I’m still in my early twenties at this point. There’s another uncomfortable kind of reliving that comes with writing though, and it’s […]

[New Chapter Posted!] “Too Far”

**SPOILERS ARE AHEAD, DO NOT READ THIS BLOG POST IF YOU WANT TO READ THE LATEST CHAPTER UNSPOILT** Not too long ago, I got an email from a really awesome reader who expressed to me that the emotional content of my work really impacted them due to their own experiences. In the interest of respecting […]

Reliving – Part One

I have a lot to say about the concept of reliving so I decided to break it down into two parts. This is the first part. Hopefully in between now and part two I’ll have posted GBM Chapter 8 and released it, so odds are the second part will come in two weeks instead. In […]

Writing Emotional Dialogue in Porn

It’s far from a secret that I like writing erotica that has a lot of story in it. I love using sex as a device in the story, not as a main focus. Sex exists in the worlds I create, it doesn’t create them. A lot of readers take umbridge with this,  especially from other […]

When Writing About a Bad Guy

Editing Being More Social as well as writing both The Good The Bad and the Molly and Only If You Want has really made me aware in the past two weeks that I really seem to enjoy writing from the perspectives of scumbags. Whether they cheat, lie, even *spoilers* potentially sexually assault someone, the tempting […]

Edited and Revised

So let’s begin this blog post with a bit of good news – all 20 chapters of Being More Social are edited. $5+ patrons can check over on Patreon right now and download the full, 600~ page .pdf, fully edited and everything. If you decide down the line to become a $5 patron, you’ll also […]