Being an erotica writer can sometimes be difficult in surprising ways. One way I’ve re-discovered recently is the discouragement that comes from seeing the massive scope of other erotica out there. Depending on the sites you frequent, your favorite porn website might be pushing out up to 20 new porn stories a day. Even if […]

The Teenage Girl

I’m afraid it turns out that I’ll need a little more time to churn out my latest story. My life has been sadly affected by the whole COVID19 fiasco in less-than-fun ways. I’m running on more than twenty-hour hours straight awake as it is. My next story, A Deal’s a Deal (working title because that’s […]

The Drum Room

“How do you plan out your plots? How do you make everything fit together nicely?” I really don’t. After posting When In Toronto to some other websites, a couple of authors from those sites got in contact (or in some cases, re-established contact) with me to talk about writing, advice on writing, etc. It was, in […]

Do Something

It’s super hard to make a judgment call on what’s needed in a situation outside of writing, as I’ve learned in this COVID19 havoc. I like being a writer because I can release a finished edited product to the masses having thought and written it through. I kind of wish I could just write and […]

Puzzle Pieces

This week I finally got something so minor it was almost silly confirmed for me – Only If You Want still works as a story if the reader hadn’t started reading Being More Social. Completely trivial in the grand scheme, but given I wanted it to work on its own I  was happy to see […]

Bashful Scribe the Voyeur

After I finish this blog post, I’ll put my poll up. Patrons will have their pick of what smutty story I write next. Huzzah! Democracy in action. Now, let’s talk about the story I wrote. Something that kind of bothers me is a signature style, kink, phrase or anything else that immediately identifies an author. […]

[New Piece Posted!] Alive

Okay! There is so much I need to address in this blog. So much. It’s almost overwhelming thinking of where to begin. Beginning here – yes, I’m alive. I’m sorry if I scared anyone. I’m fine, I’m good, I’m dandy. I didn’t mean to go radio silent out of nowhere – I won’t go into […]