From Dumb Title to Dumb Title

To any patrons that read these blogs, sorry for not posting on Patreon for a while – despite my blog post saying “I shall not be apologetic,” I can’t really escape my guilt-ridden nature and after a while, didn’t want to keep posting to Patreon empty-handed, and so, held off until I had something of […]

Freedom and Gratitude

Once you read enough stories from an author, it becomes decently clear that they have a certain style and will default to writing from a certain perspective. In my opinion, erotica is where this kind of predictability bleeds through the most. Usually, after going through around three of any writer’s stories, you know the basic […]

Strange Times

A lot has been going on behind the scenes in the last few months. If it weren’t, I definitely would be more along with my erotica. At time of writing, I work in the health industry in Canada, and one can imagine the hell that has been raised, particularly in the last few weeks, in […]

A Simple Trick to be a Better Erotic Writer

I’ve gone kind of soft lately. I remember that after I established myself as an erotic writer, in my “first wave of internet fame” (if you could even call it that), I gained a reputation for my hard opinions and scathing style of critique. I still have the latter if a writer dares to ask […]

Writer’s Limp

I don’t think I suffer from ‘writer’s block’ as it’s traditionally known. A lot of people think of ‘writer’s block’ and think of a writer sitting at a blank screen, either not knowing what to write or how to word what they want to write. As far as I know, I suffer very little from […]