[New Piece Posted!]”You Probably Hate This”

There’s a new piece published today! I listened to your feedback from my last post and posted another story I was working on. As always, feedback on my stories is appreciated. I really wanted to be done this story in June, but it turns out that taking on a job at a hospital then a […]

Writer’s Block VS Democracy

I think I’ve written two blogs posts before titled ‘writer’s block’ and ‘democracy’ respectively. Pure coincidence, I promise. So the graphic telling you what I’m working on this week is a tad misleading. Primarily I’m working on A Deal’s a Deal, but as I’ve mentioned too many times to count, I don’t really make up […]

As the World Burns

People are easily influenced, myself included. If we weren’t, jobs like educators, politicians, and even storytellers wouldn’t exist. We’re here to empathize, to listen, and to take in the world and make sense of it all. A good number of my own viewers, for some weird reason, care enough about my own personal opinion that […]

[Piece Extended!] Not Right

So perhaps this month’s piece comes a little unexpected. When In Toronto has been extended to be about twice the length it was before. When In Toronto was the first piece in ‘Season Two’ that was voting to be written. It was based on an idea I had when I was watching a certain music […]


Being an erotica writer can sometimes be difficult in surprising ways. One way I’ve re-discovered recently is the discouragement that comes from seeing the massive scope of other erotica out there. Depending on the sites you frequent, your favorite porn website might be pushing out up to 20 new porn stories a day. Even if […]