^ This is a blacked-out picture Tweed put together in like 15 minutes. It’s the second-closest picture to me you’ll ever see.

I started writing erotica in late July 2014 as a result of hating it. I felt like sex stories had a lot of potential to look deep into what sex means for us, but was being exploited for a cheap one-page story about the high school cheerleader blowing the nerd who was secretly the alpha male all along or some bullshit.

Anyway, pretentious shit aside, I love telling stories and I love hearing back from people who enjoy my stories. I like when people care about the characters and understand that the sex in sex stories comes with the emotional side of stuff. I made this website to make sure that no matter what third-party websites do with my stories, they can still exist somewhere for you to enjoy.

I’ll be posting my chapters here on this website a week in advance in relation to other sites to that effect, so be sure to check back here often. Also my creative staff recommends I also take the time to plug my Patreon. If you enjoy reading these stories, please consider contributing to my Patreon to help keep me writing and get yourself a few perks along the way.

Special thanks to my friend and creative partner Tweed for any hastily-made (his words, not mine) graphics and contributions to the layout on this site. Those who have known me for a long time know I really don’t know how to use the internet. Like, at all.